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Here at First B2B, every second of every day, we're translating and transporting electronic document messages to and from major companies all over the world on behalf of our clients. 


Many years ago this was purely known as Electronic Data Interchange or EDI. Now this may be XML, EDI, IDOC or just about any file format, utilising many different communications protocols such as EDI Value Added Network, AS2 or FTP. By taking advantage of First B2B's Cloud based message exchange our clients have reduced their costs, increased their flexibility and resilience and improved customer service.


Our fully managed EDI solutions in the cloud will allow any size of organisation to trade electronically with their customers and suppliers.  Whether you are a  supplier to a major retailer, or a manufacturer wanting to integrate your entire supply chain, we have a wealth of successful experience with such implementations and we would like to help you...  

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  • We estimate that this would give us another great ROI of over £250,000 per annum!
    Darren Eaton
    Burdens Limited

  • The First B2B pricing model allows us great ROI..
    Graham Tye
    Eaga Plc

  • We know from the years we have been working with First B2B that they provide a first class service!
    John Boyd
    Antalis Limited

  • Your Customer Service is Remarkable
    Ian Wallis
    Matrix Tooling Limited

  • Reduced EDI Costs, Reduced Internal IT Costs and Increased Customer Service
    Steve Arnold
    Cherry Valley Farms Limited

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