Here at First B2B, every second of every day, we're translating and transporting electronic document messages to and from major companies all over the world on behalf of our clients.

Our clients see their costs reduced, increases in their flexibility and resilience and improved customer service. No more desktop EDI. The First B2B fully managed EDI solution allows any size of organisation to exchange business documents electronically with their customers and suppliers.

Key benefits to utilising First B2B:

  • Fully Managed Service. The First B2B service is fully managed, from project initiation through to completion, to support.
  • The lens, First B2B's unique portal for viewing electronic documents exchanged, provides an extra level of security and visibility to your service. The Lens was designed as a non technical interface from the very start allowing non-IT personnel to view the exchange of electronic documents. After all, if you sent an invoice by paper you would not rely on your IT resource to show if it arrived!
  • Fully distributed  electronic message delivery. Designed and implemented by FIrst B2B to enable us to proovide you with the fastest, most reliable delivery of electronic documents. Some clients even ask us to slow it down!
  • Subscription Based Service. We will not tie you to a multi year contract. Contract for one month, a quarter or a year to suit your business. 
  • Reduce your EDI support costs.
  • 24/7 support!
  • All processes acreditated to ISO 9001:2008 

Whether you are a supplier to a major retailer, a manufacturer wanting to integrate your entire supply chain or a builders merchant wishing to integrate with construction companies and your suppliers, we have a wealth of successful experience with such implementations and we would like to help you…

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